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If you often download Flash videos from the Internet or if you have tried but was not able to do it successfully, you can now do it quickly with the use of the vloader-bg download tool. This application will allow you to download your Flash files up to 6 times faster than most other Flash downloader PC software.

vloader-bg Is very easy to use and can be integrated to work from behind the scenes. To utilize the application, just install it on your PC and proceed to the websites that contains the files that you wish to download.

vloader-bg will detect the presence of a Flash video and once you scroll over the video, you will have the support of the FlashGet function which will allow you to download the file with a single click.

The vloader application is a download manager for Flash video files and can conduct speeds up to 6 times more than normal one from the PC. This is how it works:

- FlashGet support included

- Mobility support

- Simple to use by anyone

- Up to 22 supported websites to download from

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No special requirements

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Setup.exe html 13.50MB 1.53 32 bits Windows Download
vloader-bg 1.53 Free Download screenshot